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Veronica Hamel: 1979’s “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure” Supporting Actress

In the provided image, we see actress and fashion model Veronica Hamel. Initially discovered by Eileen Ford, Hamel embarked on her journey into the spotlight as a fashion model. Interestingly, her first film role in the 1971 movie “Klute” saw her portraying a model. This served as her initial foray into the film industry. Subsequently, Hamel transitioned from model to actress, securing a supporting role in the disaster movie sequel “Beyond The Poseidon Adventure” (1979), as well as in “When Time Ran Out” (1980).

Among Hamel’s diverse acting endeavors, her portrayal of Choice Davenport in the enduring television series “Hill Street Blues” remains particularly notable. This role earned her five Emmy nominations. Notably, Hamel was a contender for the role of Kelly Garrett on the popular show “Charlie’s Angels,” although she ultimately declined. Throughout her career, Hamel contributed to various TV movies and series, including recurring appearances on “Philly” and “Lost,” where she portrayed Margo Shepherd, the mother of the main character, Jack Shephard.