These Celebrity Icons Who Are Still Alive and Some Continuously Perform

The entertainment world will be nothing without its pillars. Many new artists today surely look up to Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Bridgette Bardot, and many more. These stars defined Hollywood cinema back in their heyday. Many of them got credit for having made quality films that whenever they make new movies today, they are anticipated even by the new generation of moviegoers.
These legendary celebrities serve as inspiration to many, not just because of their great acting but also their success stories. Though some of them have already turned their back on the spotlight, no one can ever forget the legacy they have left behind.
So, who are these celebrities? Check out this list and see the celebrity icons still alive and continuously performing.

Al Pacino | Born 1940

Born in 1940, Al Pacino joined the entertainment world in 1967. Who would have thought he would become one of the most influential actors of today? At 82 years old, he has already received a lot of credits and accolades in his career of more than five decades. He has an Academy Award, two Tony Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards, making him one of the few stars to have the Triple Crown of Acting. He has also received an AFI Life Achievement Award, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and the National Medal of Arts.
Despite Pacino’s advancing age, nothing can stop him from doing and making films. He’s set to co-produce a movie about Amedeo Modigliani with Johnny Depp and Barry Navidi.

Ali MacGraw | Born 1939

Thanks to the movie Goodbye, Columbus, Ali MacGraw made a big name for herself. She even won a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her performance in this film. The actress later gained international prominence when she did the 1970 picture Love Story, and earned a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress. She also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.
Not only is she an award-winning star, she was also voted as the top female box office star in the world. In addition, after just doing three movies, she already received a hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Too many credits for a starting star, isn’t it? This just proves MacGraw has great acting talent. Thankfully, she remains active in the industry today.

Angie Dickinson | Born 1931

Angie Dickinson started her career in the 1950s by appearing in several anthology series. She then received her much-awaited breakthrough in 1956 when she did Gun the Man Down, opposite James Arness, followed by the Western movie Rio Bravo in 1959. She received the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year for the latter.
In her more than five decades of acting career, Dickinson received 50 movie credits. She also conquered the small screens and received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama. Later, she was nominated thrice for the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in the NBC crime series Police Woman. However, in 2009, Dickinson ultimately decided to turn her back to the entertainment world.

Ann-Margret | Born 1941

Ann-Margret is known for her roles in numerous movies from the 1960s to the late 2010s. She has been part of the entertainment business since 1961 and has remained active until today, even at 81. In her more than six-decade career, the singer-actress has received a number of awards, including five Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and six Emmy Awards.
She even won an Emmy for being a guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. That’s the degree of acting Ann-Margret has. As a singer, she was also dubbed the female version of Elvis Presley due to her sultry, vibrant, and contralto voice. In fact, many of her songs and albums topped the chart back in the 1960s and she even scored a disco hit in 1979.

Barbara Eden | Born 1931

Who would ever forget Barbara Eden? The ageless actress is still famous today for her iconic role as Jeannie in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, which ran from 1965 to 1970. Throughout her career, she has also had other notable roles, like Roslyn Pierce in Flaming Star opposite the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself, Elvis Presley. Her role as Lieutenant (JG) Cathy Connors in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea also gained her much attention, followed by her role as the widowed mother, Stella Johnson, in Harper Valley PTA. Due to Harper Valley’s film success, she was given the chance to reprise her role in its TV adaptation.
At 91, Eden remains active in the business. Well, she’s a big asset and investment in the industry, it’s hard to let her go until she wants to.

Robert De Niro | Born 1943

Robert De Niro is another actor on this list who’s heavily regarded as one of the best actors of his generation. In his almost six decades career in entertainment, he has received a lot of credits and accolades, including two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Achievement Award. He also received the Kennedy Center Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2016.
Like his frequent collaborator Al Pacino, De Niro has no plans to leave the industry yet. He still has a new movie coming, Savage Salvation. He will also work alongside another of his close colleagues,director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio in Killers of the Flower Moon, which reportedly has a whopping $200 million budget.

Bob Barker | Born 1923

The public’s TV viewing wouldn’t have been complete without seeing Bob Barker on CBS’s The Price is Right. He was the longest-running game show host in the U.S. for 35 years, from 1972 to 2007. Before that, Barker was already lined up to host another American game show, Truth or Consequence, from 1956 to 1975.
When he was young, many probably didn’t know that Barker was part of the U.S. Navy during World War II. This was until he was given a chance to work in broadcasting and never looked back since. In fact, he started working part-time in radio while in college so this wasn’t completely new to him. Barker even had his own radio show, The Bob Barker Show. Aside from game shows, he has also hosted Miss Universe and Miss USA, getting the credit for being one of the iconic hosts in the U.S.

Drew Carey | Born 1958

After Bob Barker retired, the talented host who replaced him on The Price is Right is Drew Carey. The comedian may have taken on the job, but stressed that he couldn’t replace someone like Barker. Not only is the latter a legendary host, but he’s one of a kind that nobody can replace him. Carey didn’t even want to compare himself to anybody and only did what he’s supposed to do.
Aside from hosting, Carey is also known as a comedian and actor. He made a name for himself in the world of stand-up comedy and gained recognition through his sitcom, The Drew Carey Show. From there, he received credit for doing TV series, music videos, and made-for-TV films. A little fun fact: Carey briefly joined professional wrestling and became a part of the 2001 Royal Rumble. He was even inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

Billy Dee Williams | Born 1937

When you hear the name Billy Dee Williams, only one thing will enter your mind: Star Wars. The legendary actor became famous for his role as Lando Calrissian in the said movie franchise, appearing first in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back and once again in Return of the Jedi. Thirty-six years later, he reprised his iconic role in the 2019 movie The Rise of Skywalker, one of the longest intervals between on screen portrayals by the same actor in American film history.
Aside from his movie roles, Williams also conquered the small screen and has more than 60 TV credits to his name. He was part of Gideon’s Crossing, Dynasty, General Hospital: Night Shift, and many more iconic shows. He also has numerous cameos and supporting roles throughout his career. In addition to his many skills and abilities, Williams is also a renowned voice actor and painter.

Brigitte Bardot | Born 1934

Fans of the 1950s and 1960s cinema were likely captivated by Brigitte Bardot’s beauty. Referred to by her initials BB, the actress was known for her liberated roles and often portrayed a woman who had a decadent lifestyle. In fact, she was the symbol of sexiness back then. Sadly, in 1973, the now-88-year-old star decided to leave the entertainment world, though she still gets credit as a pop culture icon.
Unlike other icons who have been consumed by fame and ended up destroying their images, Bardot is different. At the young age of 39, she decided to retire from acting as a “way to get out elegantly.” Quite classy of her, if you ask us. No wonder she’s a part of the Global 500 Roll of Honour of the United Nations Environment Programme, while Los Angeles Times Magazine put her in the second spot of the 50 Most Beautiful Women in Film.

Carla Balenda | Born 1925

Balenda started her acting career in the 1940s and had contracts with RKO Pictures and Columbia Pictures. Born Sally Bliss, she later changed her name to Carla Balenda because she thought her birth name was “too cute” for her. The now-96-year-old explained she didn’t see herself cute at all, so her original name would only fit her if she stuck to playing innocent or unsophisticated young woman roles. “I’m not the type,” she stated.
The actress played the role of Pat in The Mickey Rooney Show for a year, from 1954 to 1955. Many in the media believe that this role helped bring her to a higher level of fame. Later, she also received credit as Betty Leonard on The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu. In 1966, Balenda retired from acting on TV and in movies.

Christopher Lloyd | Born 1938

Many will remember the iconic Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown in the Back in the Future trilogy. The film’s critical and commercial success brought the now-84-year-old star’s fame to an incredible height. The film is considered one of the greatest science-fiction films and among the best movies ever made. Alternatively, he also gets credit for the comedy series Taxi, which earned him two Emmy Awards.
Despite his advancing age, the award-winning actor has no plans to stop. He recently joined the promotion of the Netflix time travel movie The Adam Project. He’s also set to guest star in The Mandalorian Season 3 and will appear in the film Spirit Halloween: The Movie. Lloyd has remained a big part of Hollywood cinema until today.

Tom Selleck | Born 1945

Actor Tom Selleck is known to many for his role as the private investigator Thomas Magnum in the TV series Magnum, P.I. He also became an iconic TV figure for his role as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods. Besides the procedural dramas, Selleck also made a name as Peter Mitchell in Three Men and a Baby, and its sequel Three Men and a Little Lady.
His prominent TV roles have opened many doors for him, resulting in him gaining over 50 movie and TV credits. Who will ever forget him as Dr. Richard Burke, Monica Geller’s (Courteney Cox) love interest, on the hit sitcom Friends? No one, of course. At 77, Selleck is still a big part of the entertainment business. In fact, he even released a song called Yessir, That’s My Baby, on Nicolas King’s album, Act One, in 2021.

Tony Bennett | Born 1926

Another icon on our list is Tony Bennett. The now 96-year-old crooner is famous for his traditional pop standards, big band, show tunes, and jazz songs. Outside of singing, the retired singer is also a renowned painter and has artworks that are on permanent public display in a number of institutions. They’re all under his birth name, Anthony Dominick Benedetto. Tony Bennett is just his professional name.
The hitmaker also made several investments, like founding the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. However, in 2021, Bennett decided to leave the industry he loves. Before that, he continued to record, tour, and perform. He chose to retire due to the physical challenges that he had been experiencing. His final performance was held at Radio City Music Hall in August 2021.

Tippi Hedren | Born 1930

Tippi Hedren was once one of Hollywood’s most glamorous personalities. Initially, she forged a successful career in modeling throughout the 1950s, having graced the covers of Life and Glamour magazines. By the 1960s, she had transitioned her career into acting after being discovered by the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. Despite her lack of experience at the time, she quickly mastered the art of acting. Among her most notable acting credits include The Birds, A Countess from Hong Kong, and Marnie.

Aside from modeling and acting, Hedren made a name as an activist for animal rights. She began to be active in this area in 1969 and eventually led to her raising awareness for wildlife. Today, at age 92, she still advocates for animal rights while occasionally appearing in some films and television shows. She has only one child, Melanie, who has achieved considerable success in acting. Her granddaughter, Dakota Johnson, has also achieved similar success.

Clint Eastwood | Born 1930

Clint Eastwood is a legend in the world of Hollywood. He made his mark with his extensive career in various Western films and television series, to the point that many people associate him with the genre. Among them include Rawhide, A Fistful of Dollars, and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. He is also known for his role as antihero cop Dirty Harry, which he portrayed in five movies. Other notable appearances include Every Which Way but Lose, Escape from Alcatraz, and Where Eagles Dare.

Aside from his acting career, Eastwood is notable for his filmmaking career. Two movies, Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby, can be credited for his Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture, respectively. The actor has also been active in politics and has an investment in his production company. Today, at age 92, he remains a prominent presence in Hollywood.

Shirley MacLaine | Born 1934

Shirley MacLaine has certainly made her mark in Hollywood. Among the last remaining stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age, she first rose to stardom as a teen thanks to her roles in Oklahoma! and The Pajama Game. She eventually got her big break on the silver screen when she starred in The Trouble with Harry, released in 1955. After that film, she continued to rise to prominence with her appearances in Around the World in 80 Days, Some Came Running, and Being Sweet Charity.

MacLaine reached the highpoint of her career in 1983, when she starred in Terms of Endearment, which won her an Oscar for Best Actress. Aside from her acting career, she is also known for her interest in New Age philosophy. She has authored several books related to the subject over the years. Today, at age 88, she remains active in the industry, receiving some credits in films and television shows in 2022.

David McCallum | Born 1933

David McCallum has amazed many thanks to his extensive career on television. Originally from Scotland, he rose to fame thanks to his role as secret agent Ilya Kuryakin in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. His role in the television series earned him legions of fans due to his sleek appearance and his great portrayal of his character’s Russian alter ego. Despite his massive success during the show’s run from 1964 to 1968, he managed to achieve only modest success throughout the 20th century.

In the 21st century, McCallum rose again to prominence, which can be credited to his role as Dr. Ducky Mallard in NCIS, which first aired in 2003. His character became one of the show’s most popular. As of 2022, he is active in the role. In addition to his acting career, he has a modestly successful music career spanning the 1960s and 1970s. Today, at age 89, he still remains active in the industry.

Sophia Loren | Born 1934

Sophia Loren is a name that still commands respect among many in showbiz. Hailing from Italy, she first became familiar to many when she entered the Miss Italia pageant in 1950, ending her run as one of the finalists. She then proceeded into acting at age 16. She got her big break in 1954 with the film The Gold of Naples. She achieved international fame after signing a deal with Paramount in 1956, which was her greatest investment in her career at the time. Among her most notable films include Houseboat, It Started In Naples, and The Pride and the Passion.

While many see Loren as a beauty icon thanks to her natural beauty, her Oscar win in Two Women proved that her acting skills are also excellent. In her later years, her acting credits became fewer. Even so, at age 88, Loren still grabs a lot of attention from many whenever she makes an appearance in red carpet events.

Debbie Harry | Born 1945

Debbie Harry is well-known for her long career in music. She is best known as the lead of the rock band Blondie. She started her career shortly after graduating from college. Blondie became known for the songs Heart of Glass, The Tide Is High, and Rapture. Despite the band’s success, they went into a hiatus in 1972. Harry moved on to acting, with notable roles in Union City, Videodrome, and Hairspray.

In the late 1990s, Harry and her Blondie bandmates reunited and have since released five albums since their reforming. In addition, she has ventured into a solo career, which was also quite successful. Today, at age 77, Harry remains quite active both in acting and singing. Outside of her career, she has been active in various causes, including investments in causes fighting cancer and other diseases.

Debby Boone | Born 1956

Debby Boone is a well-known personality in the world of country and Christian music. She started her career in her early teens, when she and her family began touring. They mainly played gospel music, with her acting as the lead vocalist. She got her big break in 1977 when she released her song You Light Up My Life, which is the cover song of the album of the same name. The song became No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks after its release.

In 1980, she ventured into country music with the release of her song Are You on the Road to Lovin’ Me Again, which became a number one country hit. In her later years, she continued to perform and compose Christian songs, along with co-authoring children’s books with her husband. Today, at age 66, Boone is quite well-established in life, with investments and other successes in her career.

Dick Van Dyke | Born 1925

Dick Van Dyke is widely regarded by many as one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood. His career, spanning seven decades, began when he worked as a radio DJ in the late 1940s. He eventually ventured into Broadway, with his most notable performance in Bye Bye Birdie which saw him win a Tony award. He then transitioned into television and film, with his leading role in The Dick Van Dyke Show credited for him becoming a household name.

Other notable roles by Van Dyke include Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the film adaptation of Bye Bye Birdie. In his later years, he appeared in Night at the Museum and Mary Poppins Returns. At age 96, his career has seen many highs, having received several awards including five Emmys, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy. In addition, he has been honored with a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dolores Hart | Born 1938

Despite not a lot of people knowing about her, Dolores Hart was once one of Hollywood’s most stunning stars. She started her career in 1956 when she played a supporting role as a love interest to Elvis Presley in Loving You. Her debut role made her famous and led to two more films starring alongside Elvis. Among her most notable roles include The Virginian, Where the Boys Are, and The Inspector.

Following Hart’s massive success in her career, she grabbed everybody’s attention in 1963 when she announced that she would enter into an abbey to become a nun. Apparently, Pope John XXIII can be credited for inspiring her vocation. Today, at age 84, she is a Benedictine nun at the Abbey of Regina Laudis. Her long presence in the abbey helped make it a well-known sponsor of theatrical productions. Despite her religious duties, she still retains a piece of Hollywood via being a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Tenley Albright | Born 1935

Tenley Albright has had an accomplished career both on the skating rink and in the medical field. She started skating during her childhood and impressed many when she won the Silver Medal at the 1952 Olympics. She continued to win championships throughout the 1950s. Her career height was in 1956 when she won the Gold Medal during that year’s Olympics. During that same year, she retired from competitive skating but has remained a prominent figure in the sport since.

Ever since retiring from competitive skating, she devoted much of her energy into medicine. She eventually graduated with a degree at Harvard Medical School and became a surgeon afterwards, practicing for over 23 years. Today, at age 87, Albright has remained active in the medical field, with various positions at medical organizations in addition to being a lecturer at Harvard Medical School. On the side, she still helps advance figure skating on occasions.

Eva Marie Saint | Born 1924

With a career spanning over 70 years, Eva Marie Saint has made a mark in Hollywood. Currently, she holds the distinction of being the oldest living Oscar winner, at age 98. She began her career shortly after attending Bowling Green State University for an acting degree. Her first notable role was in The Trip to Bountiful in 1953. A year later, her performance in On the Waterfront saw her win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. The film, regarded as one of the greatest of all time, also made her into a breakout star.

Throughout her career, Saint starred in some of the most memorable films of all time. Such films include North by Northwest, Exodus, and Grand Prix. Beginning in the 1970s, she started to take less and less roles. In her later years, she lent her voice as Katara in The Legend of Korra.

Tina Turner | Born 1939

Tina Turner is a legend in the world of music. Referred to by many as the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, she has a career spanning more than six decades. She rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, alongside her then-husband Ike. Together, they became an unstoppable force, with their most notable songs including A Fool in Love and It’s Gonna Work Out Fine.

After the pair broke up in the late 1970s, she ventured into a solo career. She saw massive success as a solo artist, with her album Private Dancer becoming one of her best-performing albums. In addition, she has consistently drawn up hundreds of thousands of people at her concerts during her tours. Today, at age 83, Turner is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, with over 100 million copies sold. In addition, she has substantial investments in real estate in Switzerland, where she currently resides.

Gena Rowlands | Born 1930

Gena Rowlands has had an impressive career of more than seven decades. She first started in the 1950s in theater. She mostly took roles in television early on. However, by 1963, she started to collaborate with her then-husband, actor-director John Cassavetes. They collaborated on ten films from 1963 to 1984. The most notable among them are A Woman Under Influence and Gloria, which saw Rowlands get an Oscar nomination. In addition, her roles in Another Woman and Opening Night earned her a lot of praise from critics.

In her later years, she became known to many for her role in The Notebook, which was directed by her son Nick Cassavetes. Today, at age 92, Rowlands has retired from acting altogether. Her last acting credit was in 2014, when she appeared in the film adaptation of Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks.

Gene Hackman | Born 1930

Gene Hackman is one of the most prolific actors of his generation. He had a career that spanned more than six decades and saw him win multiple awards, including two Oscars and four Golden Globes. He rose to prominence during the mid-1960s. By the 1970s, he became renowned for his roles in The French Connection, The Conversation, and A Bridge Too Far. He continued to be quite active in the 1980s and 1990s, with countless credits to boot. In the early 2000s, he earned praise for his performance in The Royal Tenenbaums, which won him a Golden Globe.

In 2004, Hackman announced his retirement from acting. Four years later, he confirmed his retirement. Aside from acting, he has a successful career as a novelist. He has co-written three historical novels with Daniel Lenihan. Today, at the age of 92, he has largely focused on his hobbies such as racing and biking.

Glynis Johns | Born 1923

Glynis Johns is an icon in the world of acting. Her career spanned more than eight decades, having begun during her childhood in Britain. She initially was typecast as a stage dancer thanks to her great dancing skills. In the 1940s, she rose to prominence thanks to her roles in 49th Parallel and Miranda. She then became a well-known face in Hollywood by the 1950s. Among her most notable films include Mad About Men, The Court Jester, and The Sundowners. Her role in Mary Poppins in 1964 earned her acclaim from audiences and critics.

Aside from acting, Johns has been renowned for her singing. Her stage performance in A Little Night Music in 1973 won her a Tony. Throughout her career, she continuously worked both in America and Britain, which can be credited for her notability to this day. Today, at the age of 99, Johns has retired from acting and lives peacefully in Hollywood Bowl.

Harry Belafonte | Born 1927

Born Harold George Belafonte, Jr., Harry Belafonte is known as a singer, actor, producer, and activist. The prime of Belafonte’s career was in the folk music scene of the 50s where he took credit for doing timeless renditions of Caribbean folk songs better known as calypsos. As an artist, Belafonte used his influence for numerous social causes including the civil rights movement.
A native of New York, Belafonte’s parents were emigrants from the islands of Martinique and Jamaica in the Caribbean. When his mother went home in 1935, Belafonte joined her and stayed there for 5 years. During the mid-40s, the singer left high school and enlisted in the U.S. Army. He eventually studied under the guidance of dramatist Erwin Piscator which led to a singing role that opened doors of opportunities for Belafonte. Among his critically-acclaimed songs are Day-O and Jamaica Farewell among others.

Henry Kissinger | Born 1923

One of the most influential individuals who takes credit for shaping U.S. foreign policy is Henry Alfred Kissinger. He served as the adviser for national security affairs and secretary of state under the terms of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. In 1973, Kissinger’s efforts toward making a peaceful settlement with Le Duc Tho of North Vietnam was recognized and he was awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace for it.
Kissinger’s family migrated to the United States back in 1938 to flee the Nazi persecution of Jews. He later enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II. After leaving the service, he acquired a degree from Harvard and eventually became a professor of government in the same institution. He also worked as a consultant pertaining to security matters for numerous U.S. agencies. Apart from the aforementioned award, Kissinger has also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Medal of Liberty.

Jack Nicholson | Born 1937

The phenomenal actor Jack Nicholson turned 85 on April 22, 2022. Jack had already stepped back from acting a few years ago and now quietly resides in his Los Angeles estate. He has had sparse public appearances, with the most memorable one being a January 2019 Los Angeles Lakers game he attended together with his son Ray. This has made his fans wonder: where is Jack Nicholson nowadays? In an interview with Duke, Jack’s grandson, he proclaimed that his grandfather “is doing great” and that “he’s 100 percent.” He also added that the family always spends their Thanksgiving at the veteran actor’s home.

Throughout his career, Jack Nicholson cemented his fame as one of the greatest actors of his generation. The actor has received credit for starring in some of the most influential films in the history of Hollywood, such as Chinatown and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Jack is best recognized for his role in The Shining.

Jacqueline White | Born 1922

Jacqueline White’s immense degree of artistry is immortalized in great films such as Crossfire and The Narrow Margin. A native of California, Jacqueline White’s earliest credit was catalyzed from the drama class she attended at UCLA. She caught the eye of a casting director while performing in the production of Ah, Wilderness! who immediately recommended her for a screen test. She eventually appeared in the movie Song of Russia. Later on, she would land roles in films such as Air Raid Wardens, Return of the Bad Men, Night Song, Dark Shadows, Three Hearts for Julia, and The Capture among others.

After stepping back from the movie industry, White and her husband moved to Wyoming and invested in an oil company. White has five children: 4 boys and 1 daughter. It is also worth mentioning that White is among the last surviving actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

William Daniels | Born 1927

Without the phenomenal William Daniels, the character Mark Craig from the television series St. Elsewhere wouldn’t have materialized. For his performance in this role, Daniels’ high degree of acting knowledge garnered two primetime Emmy Awards. Apart from the aforementioned, the actor’s prominent voice also gave life to KITT in the television series Knight Rider. The actor reprised the same role in a television movie entitled Knight Rider 2000. For his work in the sitcom Boy Meets World, Daniels’ secured four People’s Choice Award nominations. Apart from his television success, the actor has also starred in numerous films including The Graduate, Two for the Road, 1776, and Captain Nice among others.
The actor has been married to actress and Emmy awardee Bonnie Bartlett since 1951. Having stayed married for more than seven decades, the couple is recognized as having the longest active Hollywood marriage. They are parents to Michael and Robert.

Robert Wagner | Born 1930

Hailing from MIchigan, Robert Wagner’s family moved to California when he was still a child. Little did they know that he would eventually become a successful film and television actor. As a young boy, Wagner used to caddy for prominent personalities such as Fred Astaire and Alan Ladd. Having worked as an extra in movies, his time in the spotlight eventually arrived when he signed a contract with 20th Century Fox during his teenage years.
The actor’s early appearances were in movies like Halls of Montezuma, Titanic, Prince Valiant, and The Mountain. Wagner has also received credit for the films With a Song in My Heart, The Pink Panther, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. He later broke through with a lead role in the series It Takes a Thief. Wagner continues to be active in the entertainment industry and has made various guest appearances over the years.

James Earl Jones | Born 1931

The legacy of James Earl Jones is best defined by his deep and powerful voice which he used to magnify the roles he played on the stage, film, and television. Born and raised in Michigan, Jones acquired a degree in drama from the University of Michigan and later pursued his passion in New York under the guidance of phenomenal actor Lee Strasberg. Jones debuted on stage in 1957 and joined the New York Shakespeare Festival from 1961-1973.
Jones’ most recognized role was in Howard Sackler’s The Great White Hope where he portrayed the first heavyweight boxing champion of color in the midst of a tragic career. The actor’s supreme performance secured him a Tony Award. The film version was released in 1970; reprising the same role, Jones garnered an Academy Award nod. Lewis’ other credits are in movies such as Dr. Strangelove, Conan the Barbarian, Patriot Games, and A Family Thing, among others.

Jimmy London | Born 1949

Jimmy London found a place among the stars as a Jamaican reggae singer who debuted during the late 1960s. London’s success cannot be contained in Jamaica alone, he was equally successful in the United Kingdom reggae scene during the early and mid-1970s.
London took credit as one-half of the vocal duo The Inspirations. One fateful night during rehearsal, they met an established Jamaican singer Roy Shirley who helped them start their musical career. The duo debuted with the song I Need Money. It was eventually followed by Tighten Up and You Know What I Mean. Subsequently, the duo worked with producer Joe Gibbs and released tracks like Take Back Your Duck, La La, and The Train is Coming. In the latter part of London’s career, he became a member of The Untouchables and Rocking Horse. His most successful run was in the 1970s after releasing renditions of Till I Kissed You, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and A Little Love.

Anthony Hopkins | Born 1937

This year, Sir Anthony Hopkins has written another page in the book of history by becoming the oldest person (at 84 years old!) to bag an Academy Award for acting. Quite the contrast to the usual atmosphere during awarding, but it is worth noting that the legendary actor received his second Oscar from the open countryside of Wales where he has been spending his holidays. He has been sharing glimpses of his trip to his hometown on his Instagram account, most notable is his acceptance speech where he pays tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman who passed away last August 2020.

The 1960s was a big decade for Hopkins when he became known for starring in The Dawning, The Remains of the Day, and Amistad. He has been nominated for numerous Oscars and takes credit for receiving the prestigious award for his performances in The Silence of the Lambs and The Father.

John Astin | Born 1930

It would be impossible to miss John Astin’s exceptional performance as Gomez Addams in the critically-acclaimed show The Addams Family, which first aired back in 1964. Due to popular demand, the actor reprised the same role in the television film entitled Halloween with the New Addams Family in 1977 and the animated series The Addams Family in 1992. Outside of the said role, he has received successful credits in movies like Evil Roy Slade, West Side Story, That Touch of Mink, Freaky Friday, and Teen Wolf Too, among others.
It is worth mentioning that Astin, as the son of a physicist, originally intended to be a mathematician and enrolled in Washington & Jefferson College. However, after realizing that he wanted to become an actor, he studied drama at Johns Hopkins University. A theater was erected under the actor’s name at Johns Hopkins University in honor of the gleaming legacy he made.

Samuel Jackson | Born 1948

It goes without saying that Samuel L. Jackson will always be a brilliant and exceptional actor. Having recently celebrated 50 years in the film industry, he has surely cemented his name by contributing his acting skills to the majority of Hollywood films ever made. The actor, together with Elaine May and Liv Ullmann, takes credit as one of the recipients of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Honorary Awards for 2022. Jackson’s five decades of acting surely paid off.

Having grossed $10.1 billion throughout his career, his name would not surely need any introduction. The actor’s most successful movies include the Avengers franchise, A Time to Kill, and Django Unchained. The actor also describes himself as a “hard taskmaster for some directors” since he includes being able to refuse extra takes in his contract along with having enough time to play golf twice a week.

Joyce DeWitt | Born 1949

Joyce DeWitt’s artistry is best exhibited by her role as Janet Wood on the ABC sitcom entitled Three’s Company, which aired from 1977 to 1984. After graduating from high school, she worked at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ticket office before acquiring a college degree in theater from Ball State University. While performing in a production one summer, she was noticed by the director who convinced her to enroll in UCLA’s Department of Theater MFA program. After finishing her studies, she eventually debuted in an episode of ABC’s Baretta.
After her key role in the aforementioned sitcom, DeWitt starred in an episode of Finders of Lost Loves in 1984. Taking a step back from acting, she got back on track in a production of Noises Off in 1991. A few years later, she appeared in the comedy Spring Fling! and numerous shows such as Hope Island, The Nick at Nite Holiday Special, and Call of the Wild.

Julie Andrews | Born 1935

Julie Andrews is among the league of actresses who have achieved legendary status in the world of entertainment. A dynamic and versatile actress, she has gained a significant amount of success in Broadway, theater, movies, and television shows; not to mention, she is also a recording artist and a famous children’s book author. Of her many awards, she is the recipient of the grand Kennedy Center Honors. She served as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and was declared by Queen Elizabeth II as ‘Dame’.

Andrews’ film credits include portraying the titular role in Walt Disney’s Marry Poppins. She has also appeared in classics such as The Sound of Music, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Victor/Victoria, The Princess Diaries, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Apart from her skills as an actress, she is also praised for her notable autobiography Home: A Memoir of My Early Years.

Kim Novak | Born 1933

Kim Novak’s name has been etched in history for her iconic role in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo. Born with exceptional skill and beauty, she was scouted by Harry Cohn who used to head Columbia Pictures; she was even dubbed as the successor of Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe. However, as a strong-willed woman, she gracefully refused to be categorized as a sex symbol, which stirred several arguments with directors and co-actors. Despite having credits opposite brilliant actors such as Fred MacMurray, James Stewart, William Holden, Frank Sinatra, Tyrone Power, Kirk Douglas, and Laurence Harvey, she penetrated the industry only with sheer talent.

After several appearances in films, Novak transitioned to television roles. She retired after shooting her final film Liebestraum. Now at 89, she has been focusing her time on being a full-time painter after she backed off from acting.

Kris Kristofferson | Born 1936

Without Kris Kristofferson, humanity will never have been graced with timeless songs such as Me and Bobby McGee, For the Good Times, Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down, and Help Me Make It Through the Night which all came to be because of his songwriting prowess. Early in his career, he joined country artists Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash to form The Highwaymen.
Outside of the music industry, Kristofferson also achieved a degree of success as an actor; his credits are in movies such as Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Blume in Love, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Convoy, Heaven’s Gate, and the Blade film trilogy, among others. For his role in A Star is Born, the songwriter received a Golden Globe for Best Actor. In 2004, he was inducted as among the artists in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Lee Meriwether | Born 1935

No matter how many decades passed by Lee Ann Meriwether’s beauty still remains the same. For starters, this stunning actress was born on May 27, 1935, in San Francisco, California. Before reaching incredible stardom as an actress, she started gaining attention through beauty pageants, specifically when she snagged the crown in Miss San Francisco 1954, Miss California 1954, and Miss America 1955.
As an actress, she received numerous acting credits in films and television. One of the most notable characters she has played was Betty Jones, the title in the 1970s crime drama Barnaby Jones, which starred Buddy Ebsen. Her amazing performance was immediately noticed as she received acting nominations from various award shows, such as Golden Globes and the Emmy Awards. Apart from this character, she also made noises for her portrayal of Catwoman, a role she succeeded Julie Newar. In addition, she is married to Marshall Borden, with whom she shared two children.

Loni Anderson | Born 1945

She may not be as active as she usually was, but the films and television series she has done are still relevant up to this day. For those who don’t know, the day Loni Anderson was born August 5, 1945, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, she is already perceived to be famous as her parents were. She is the daughter of Klaydon Carl “Andy” Anderson, a well-established environmental chemist, while her mother, Maxine Hazel, was a model.

Anderson’s most remarkable role is probably when she played the role of Jennifer Marlowe in WKRP in Cincinnati, which is a sitcom on CBS and was aired between 1978 and 1982. This project gave her three Golden Globe Awards and a couple of Emmy Award nominations. Aside from this TV show, she also appeared in numerous shows, such as The Mullets and My Sister is So Gay. She worked with different lawyers because of her failed marriages, but she finally found forever with Bob Flick whom she married in 2008. She has two children.

Loretta Swit | Born 1937

For starters, Loretta Jane Swit was born on November 4, 1937, in Passaic, New Jersey. Her acting career commence in 1967 and it has been decades since she portrayed the iconic role of Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on the extremely successful TV series M*A*S*H. This program put her in an unimaginable degree of stardom. Apart from receiving two Emmy Awards for her role, this also gave her chances to be part of numerous TV series and film projects. In 1989, because of her contribution to the entertainment industry, she received a spot on the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame. Swit, aside from acting, also enjoys writing. In fact, she has a book called SwitHeart: The Watercolour Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit.

In her personal life, unlike others who found love after a failed marriage, her situation is different. She tied the knot with Dennis Holahan in 1983 but decided to part ways with him in 1995. Since then, she remained the wife of no one.

Margaret O’Brien | Born 1937

Angela Maxine O’Brien, famously known as Margaret O’Brien has lived a fruitful life. As of 2022, at age 85, she is the last living star of the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema. She was born on January 15, 1937, in San Diego California. She started acting for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer at the early age of four, and because of her amazing talent, she immediately received a Juvenile Academy Award at the age of seven. Her career blossomed and even got to receive credits one after the other. However, it was Meet Me in St. Louis that is certainly the most notable one.

For her immense contribution to the entertainment industry, O’Brien was awarded a star in the most sought-after Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960. In 2006, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from SunDeis Film Festival. Meanwhile, she has been married to Roy Thorsen, her second husband, since 1974. The couple had a daughter.

Marsha Hunt | Born 1946

She is an actress, singer, former model, and novelist. Marsha Hunt was born on April 15, 1946, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As an actress, she received incredible recognition for her portrayal of Dionne in the classic rock musical Hair. Her name was also in every publication after being linked with performer Marc Bolan and Mick Jagger, the father of her one and only child Karis.

Despite the fame that she has received, she still managed to get a degree from the world-renowned University of California in Berkeley. In addition, she has penned three novels and three volumes of autobiography. According to a source, the actress enjoys being single and doesn’t need a man to feel complete or happy. She has peacefully lived in Ireland since 1995. However, she also kept a residence in France, which is roughly 60 miles away from Paris.

Mel Brooks | Born 1926

A few years from now, Mel Brooks will receive another milestone—reaching 100 years of age. As many might not know, Melvin James Kaminsky was born on June 28, 1926. He is an incredible actor, comedian, and filmmaker. His seven-decade career gave him immense fame and fortune. His career commenced by being a writer and a comic for Sid Caesar’s variety show Your Show of Shows. Because of his excellence, he went on to write and direct innumerable screen and stage projects, including the hit TV comedy series Get Smart.

He is also one of the few people who has been credited an EGOT status, after winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscars, and Tony Awards. For his immeasurable contribution to the entertainment industry, he was given numerous lifetime achievement awards, including the one that came from AFI. Meanwhile, behind the success of a man is a woman. He has been married to the equally talented actress, Anne Bancroft, from 1964 until she kicked the bucket in 2005.

Michael Caine | Born 1933

Actors of the newer generations are certainly proud to have worked with such a talented actor like Sir Michael Caine. For starters, he was born on March 14, 1933, in Rotherhithe, London. He has been in the industry for seven decades and has appeared in nearly 200 films, including the fan favorites The Italian Job and Hannah and Her Sisters. His Cockney accent has become his signature. No wonder, seven of his films are featured in the 100 greatest British films of the 20th century by the British Film Institute. In 2000, he was subsequently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his immense contribution to films.

Caine has two Academy Awards to his credit, including three Golden Globe Awards and a British Academy Film Award. He has been married to Shakira Baksh since 1973, with whom he shared a daughter. He also had a daughter with his first wife Patricia Haines.

Meryl Streep | Born 1949

When it comes to acting, the name Meryl Streep is one of the first to mention. She has been in show business for decades and has been on a long list of acting projects. The Iron Lady and The Devil Wears Prada are a few of the notable movies in her film credits. Having three Academy Awards, she is one of few people to have received multiple trophies from the award show’s history. She may be 73 years old, but it’s unlikely that she will announce her retirement anytime soon, a news that many celebrities wouldn’t want to hear.

For those who barely know her, she has been married to Don Gummer since 1978. The couple was blessed with four talented children who also love performing. When it comes to where they live, Velvet Ropes revealed that the couple has a multi-million-dollar home in Pasadena, California, and a penthouse in New York.

Mitzi Gaynor | Born 1931

She is indeed blessed with many things: talent, beauty, and long life. As of 2022, the stunning actress is 91 years old as she was born on September 4, 1931, in Chicago, Illinois. For the younger generation, Mitzi Gaynor or Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber is an actress, dancer, and singer. Her career started at the age of 17, after being signed by Paramount Pictures. She eventually became one of the most famous actresses in the 1950s, receiving acting credits for various projects. Among her notable films are We’re Not Married!, There’s No Business Like Show Business and South Pacific.
She had been married to Jack Bean from 1954 until his passing in 2006. They reportedly lived in Beverly Hills, California, and despite the long-standing marriage, the couple doesn’t have a child.

Morgan Freeman | Born 1937

It can be considered a sin if one doesn’t know who Morgan Freeman is. He is an amazing actor, director, and narrator. This 85-year-old celebrity was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 1, 1937. At an early age, he already fell in love with performing, the very reason why he studied theater arts. In the 1970s, he starred in the children’s TV series The Electric Company, which is his stepping stone to stardom. He then appeared in films like Street Smart, where he received an Academy Award nomination. He then received another nod for his role in Driving Miss Daisy, and eventually won one for his performance in Million Dollar Baby.

Apart from being an actor, he is also a businessman who made an investment to build a film production company called Revelations Entertainment. For his immeasurable contribution to the entertainment industry, he was awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award and the Cecil B. DeMille Award, which are just a few of his long list of awards.

Nancy Olson | Born 1928

This American actress was born on July 14, 1928, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As of 2022, she is still reportedly alive, even at the age of 94. For starters, Nancy Olson’s acting career started in 1948. She appeared in small roles at first but immediately landed big roles a few years later. In 1950, she boasted her acting prowess in the film Sunset Boulevard and received a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Academy Award. Her amazing talent led her to act in more films like The Absent-Minded Professor and Son of Flubber. It’s also worth mentioning those movies where she co-starred with William Holden.

Throughout her personal life, she was initially married to Alan Jay Lerner. They had two children, but eventually parted ways. In the mid-1980s, she retired from acting and focused on being a wife to her second husband, Alan W. Livingston. The couple tied the knot in 1962 and didn’t need to call a lawyer to separate. Unfortunately, the latter passed away in 2009.

Nancy Sinatra | Born 1940

Her surname alone already speaks volumes about how talented she is. For those who don’t her, Nancy Sinatra is the eldest daughter of the legendary musician and singer Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra. She was born on June 8, 1940, in Jersey City, New Jersey, and later followed in her dad’s footsteps in singing and acting. As an actress, she started appearing in her father’s TV series. She then pursued singing which she became so famous for. Her 1966 song These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ achieved an incredible degree of success and later became her signature song.

Of course, she also worked with her father. In fact, they have a hit song called Somethin’ Stupid. They also starred in the film Marriage on the Rocks where the two portrayed fictional father and daughter characters. Meanwhile, she initially married Tommy Sands but later split. She then tied the knot with Hugh Lambert, with whom she shared two children.

Helen Mirren | Born 1945

With such elegance and grace, plus impeccable talent skills, it’s easy not to love Helen Mirren. The wonderful actress was born on July 26, 1945, and is 77 years old, as of 2022. Before she drove stunning cars in the Fast and Furious franchise, she was greatly known for the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film The Queen, and DCI Jane Tennison in the British TV series Prime Suspect.

To prove how extremely talented she is, Mirren is the only person in history to have the credit of achieving the Triple Crown of Acting in both the US and the UK. She has one Academy Award, four BAFTA Awards, and a Tony Award, to name a few. Apart from acting, she is married to Taylor Hackford. She chose not to have a child, though his husband already has children from his previous relationships.

Pat Priest | Born 1936

Patricia Ann Priest or popularly known as Pat Priest was born on August 15, 1936, in Bountiful, Utah. She reached significant fame after succeeding Beverley Owen in the popular TV show The Munsters. Before becoming an actress, she first worked in the 1952 Republican National Convention as a page girl. She then pursued acting and received acting credits in a number of TV projects, such as Bewitched, Perry Mason, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In films, she had the amazing opportunity of working the legends like Connie Francis in Looking for Love and Elvis Presley in Easy Come, Easy Go. However, despite her undeniable talent in acting, she bid goodbye to acting in the 1980s but continued to attend numerous conventions and The Munsters revivals across the country.

Priest tied the knot twice and has two children. In 2001, she was reportedly sick but received treatment at an established facility. Fortunately, she recuperated.

Peggy Dow | Born 1928

Peggy Dow or Peggy Josephine Varnadow was born on March 18, 1928, in Columbia, Mississippi. Before pursuing acting, she first finished school and got her degree at Northwestern University in Illinois, where she initially honed her innate acting abilities. After establishing her education, she then worked as a model, consequently found working in a radio station where she was also spotted by a talent agent and was cast in a television show in 1949. Because of her amazing talent, she went on to become an actress full-time and was popularly known for her role in Judy Greene in Bright Victory and Nurse Kelly in Harvey.

After three years in the business, Dow retired and tied the knot with Walter Helmerich III, former president of Helmerich & Payne. The couple was together for 60 years until his passing in 2012. The couple had five sons.

Philip Michael Thomas | Born 1949

Philip Michael Thomas has always been associated with a single, iconic TV character: Ricardo Tubbs, Sonny Crockett’s partner on the enduring 1980s cop drama Miami Vice. However, people familiar with him are likely aware that this was only part of his entire career since he was active for a considerable amount of time, at least until he left the industry in 2011.

While he played in a few movies in the 1970s, such as Coonskin and Sparkle, landing the credit in Miami Vice was his real break. He experimented with music and released an album titled Living the Book of My Life. He reconnected with Don Johnson in the 1990s television series Nash Bridges. In the 1990s, he also rose to the position of spokesperson for the Philip Michael Thomas International Psychic Network. Later, he provided the voice-over for Grand Theft Auto, a well-known video game.