The Ultimate Reveal: 8 of the Most-Kept Celebrity Secrets Revealed by their Pas

Everyone has a skeleton in their closet, and while some of these aren’t necessarily things we should be ashamed of, others should be kept hidden. The same is true for our well-known celebrities. From Johnny Depp to Taylor Swift, and even Samuel L Jackson, everyone has a secret. If we want to learn more about these deep secrets, we should contact their assistants, who might know a thing or two.

In fact, several PAs had come forward to reveal their principals’ secrets, so credit for this list goes to them.

Britney Spear has a Messy Room

Someone with a cluttered desk is said to be a genius, as opposed to someone with a well-organized one. To some degree, this is correct, and Britney Spears is one prime example. When it comes to music, she is a genius. According to her personal assistants, the celebrity pop struggles with household organization. Even in the midst of the chaos, we can only assume she knows exactly where to get the things she requires.

JLo’s Low Payment

This is not a case of celebrities giving extremely low tips, but of a pop culture icon paying her employees non-competitive wages. Working for someone who earns millions of dollars would imply that they would be quite generous with their pay. After all, they have a lot of money set aside for investments. Apparently, J Lo is not known for paying a fair wage, so others are likely looking for a better job.

Madonna’s Fear of the Toilet

People suffer from a wide range of phobias, many of which are not even officially recognized by doctors or health insurance companies. One of them is Madonna’s obvious aversion to toilets. She’s even hired toilet cleaners, whose job it is to make sure the toilet and everything inside it is clean before she walks in.

Ariana Grande Diva

Ariana Grande’s character in Sam and Cat is known for being both adorable and eccentric. Her assistants, however, claim that she can be quite strange in real life. Or, depending on how you look at it, a diva. She would frequently act like a baby and appreciate being carried around like an infant. She most likely dislikes walking and would benefit from a mobility device. Of course, she must make an investment in one.

Ryan Gosling Stair Habit

A PA revealed that Ryan Gosling likes to go up and down the stairs while on all fours, which is possibly one of the more unusual things on this list. Is he able to travel up or down more efficiently, or is he just an oddball? We all know that Gosling is a brilliant actor, so it’s possible that it stimulates his creative powers to some degree.

Taylor Swift’s Cat Obsession

We believe this is an open secret because any Taylor Swift fan knows how much she adores cats. The singer makes certain that all of her feline pals are well-cared for. We can even assume that when she had her home security system installed, she had her cats’ safety in mind. Swift is known for sharing adorable pictures of her children on social media.

Ninja Angelina Jolie

Getting into a fight with Angelina Jolie is never a good idea. She is a very capable woman, and when faced with a stressful situation, she is capable of doing things that others would not believe she was capable of. This highest-paid actress is a knife collector, and we know she can use them with ease, hopefully for cooking rather than ninja moves.

Insecure Demi Moore

Even the most famous and beautiful celebrities, unfortunately, suffer from body image issues. Demi Moore, according to her assistants, is one of them. She reportedly refuses to look at herself in bright lighting and has had various bulbs replaced with softer lights, not to save electricity, but to avoid seeing her flaws. To us, however, Moore, is simply one of the best and brightest stars out there.