Take a Look at These Insane Movie Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Some claim that movies are the highest form of art. And just like any other form of art, films are open to interpretation. To a certain degree, this is what makes them so appealing to a wider spectrum of audiences. While stories have a clear end goal and message, people will always find deeper meaning in symbolism and underlying themes.

That being said, it is always worthwhile to read about fan theories. And where better to find the best of them than on Reddit. The subreddit r/FanTheories has some of the greatest theorists on the internet.

Here are a few mind-blowing theories that we found interesting enough that deserve more attention.

1.John Wick

This film series led to the revitalization of Keanu Reeves’s aging career. And even though, at the face of it, hard-hitting action sequences are at center stage, the films have underlying themes such as grief, loss, and death.

A theory, credited to Redditor coces, claims that each John Wick film represents a different stage of grief.

John Wick – Denial
The first film depicts John living alone in a house filled with his late wife’s belongings. They were untouched, as if John expected her to return home one day. Furthermore, despite the obvious anguish in his expressions, he acted as if nothing was wrong.

John Wick 2: Chapter 2 – Anger
To some degree, John’s actions in the first film cause him to be dragged out of retirement for good. Santiago enticed him, but he also used and betrayed him. This prompted John to go on a killing spree, and his rage got the best of him. At the end, his rage clouded his judgment, and he was executed on constitutional grounds.

John Wick 3: Parabellum – Bargaining
Because of the serious consequences of Chapter 2, John became an outcast in the underground world of assassins. As a result, most depictions showed him begging and bargaining with his old connections for assistance. He even begs the high table for another chance at life at one point.

While the film series currently ends with Parabellum, the Redditor speculates on the themes of the two upcoming franchise releases. And we can give him credit for his inventiveness.

Upcoming Fourth Film – Depression
The film will show John grieving because he has returned to a life of killing. This will make him sloppier and slower, which will be a stark contrast to the previous installments.
Upcoming Fifth Film – Acceptance
Whatever choices he makes in the fourth film to overcome his grief, he will find peace with himself and accept his new life, whether it is death, continuing as an assassin, or permanently returning home with his dog.


To some degree, the Bat-Signal is an iconic landmark in the Dark Knight’s lore. According to legend, the sign instills fear in the hearts of Gotham’s criminals, implying that Batman is on his way to catch them.

However, Reddit user randomusername02130 speculates that it could be a warning shot fired by Gotham PD to criminals. As a result, there’s a chance Batman won’t notice the Bat-Signal at all. Nonetheless, the cops activate the signal to warn the criminals that Batman is on the loose and that this is their last chance to drop everything and go home.


As we’ve seen in the many Hollywood incarnations of Spider-Man, Peter Parker is usually battered and bruised as a result of his battles with crime. However, he easily repairs his high-quality outfit one way or another.

According to Redditor FaxIsGad, instead of the superhero having tons of repair investments, perhaps one of his superpowers is to be a skilled seamstress. He is, after all, an expert at web-slinging.