5 Extravagant Celebrity Receipts That Will Surely Make Your Eyes Water

Some of Hollywood’s most famous people are no strangers to living a lavish lifestyle. It is quite normal for them to incur receipts that we would never consider incurring in one sitting. We’d have to take out a couple of money loans before we could spend our money like these celebrities!

Some of these receipts are so long that we can’t help but notice how much strain they’re putting on our eyes. It hurts us to see these expensive receipts, but for these celebrities, it’s just another night out. Here are some of the most expensive bills that our favorite celebrities have racked up over the years!

1.Kim K’s Birthday Bash For Kanye At The Staples Center

There’s no denying that Kim and Ye are among the most powerful couples in Hollywood today. They’re unquestionably valuable, and you could say they don’t do things by halves. With this in mind, Kim outdid herself a few years ago when she rented out the entire Staples Center for Kanye’s 38th birthday in 2016.

Kim managed to dress everyone in basketball jerseys, so there was definitely a degree of extravagance to the event. The stars also attended the event, and Kanye performed alongside Tyga, Justin Bieber, and others. As if that wasn’t enough, John Legend performed a happy birthday song for Kanye. All of this for the low, low price of $110,000!

2.Beyonce’s Nando Bill

Restaurant owners must be ecstatic whenever an A-list celebrity walks into their establishment. This was undoubtedly the case when Beyonce and her entourage walked into a Nando’s restaurant in 2013. Beyonce was not afraid to spend her money, and she did just that when she racked up a £1,500 bill at an Essex branch.

What’s impressive is that Beyonce didn’t use her credit card to pay the bill. She paid cash for everything, including 48 whole chickens, 58 chicken wing platters, 25 tubs of coleslaw, and 48 portions of chips.

3.Drake’s Nando Bill

Apparently, Beyonce isn’t the only one who enjoys Nando’s wings. Drake, the famous Canadian hip-hop star, is also a huge Nando’s fan, and he racked up a massive bill during a chicken wings run. It’s worth noting that the bill was £500, and while that’s a lot of money for us, we’re pretty sure it’s nothing for a celebrity like Drake.

Drake decided to treat everyone with a lot of wings after a gig in Leeds, so he went on a £500 chicken wings run. You could say that being a member of Drake’s squad comes with a slew of benefits, including a slew of wings.

4.Justin Bieber’s Expensive Cinema Snack Bill

Justin Bieber is undeniably one of the music industry’s icons, and it’s reasonable to assume that he’s got a lot of money to burn. Apparently, Biebs doesn’t mind paying exorbitant prices for movie food. Given his enormous net worth, this is understandable. He’s not going to need a money loan to splurge on some movie snacks.

In 2014, Bieber and his entourage pulled up to an Atlanta cinema to watch a movie. During the run of their film, Bieber managed to rack up a bill of over $241.75! It’s not a bad deal, but it’s pricey when you consider it’s only for hot dogs, chocolate, drinks, and ice cream.

5.Jay-Z’s Expensive Weekend

It’s no secret that Jay-Z is extremely wealthy, and it comes as no surprise that he once spent £79,000 on drinks. He incurred this £79,000 bill while celebrating his friend Juan “OG” Perez’s birthday, and he decided to let everyone know that no one would be thirsty on his watch!

Jay then spent £79,000 on drinks alone, and he left a sizable £8,000 tip when it was all said and done. Without a doubt, he deserves a lot of credit for being so generous!