10 Surprising Demands Made by Celebrities That Should Be Included in Their Contracts

Any lawyer will tell you that a contract must include the element of “meeting of minds,” in which both parties agree to the contract’s terms. When celebrities are asked to sign one, they usually go over the details very carefully, often with the assistance of legal professionals, to ensure their rights are protected.

On several occasions, they have made unexpected demands to be appended to the contract riders, some of which are completely outlandish and unexpected. The third item on the list will undoubtedly cause you to widen your eyes in awe.

Madonna’s Roses and Phone Lines

For whatever reason, the “Material Girl” requested that a clause be added to her contract requiring her to receive 20 international phone lines and that pink or white roses be cut to exactly six inches when delivered to her. Maybe her vases could only hold items up to a certain length? To some degree, we are perplexed by the phone line requirement, but it could be for improved communication.

Adele’s Charity

We know a giver when we see one, and Adele is definitely one of them. This singer has requested that a specific clause be added to her contract for those who receive free tickets to her party, rather than for herself. She asked that everyone who received that honor donate $20 to the charity organization Sands, which is one of the many causes she supports. It is a very nice gesture for us.

Paul McCartney’s Seats

Paul McCartney is a vegetarian or vegan; he is even willing to negotiate with attorneys to specifically prohibit leather seats on any couch or limo seats he would use on his tour. This prohibition extends to faux prints of animal patterns, which seems excessive to us.

Britney Spears’s Picture Frame

We never thought Britney Spears was a fan of royalty, but she apparently is. During her 2011 London tour, the singer specifically requested that a framed picture of Princess Diane be displayed backstage. She was still under her father’s care at the time, so perhaps she could relate to the trappings of royalty?

Cher’s Wigs

Cher is a true diva who knows her way around the music business. Her name alone commands the respect and admiration of her contemporaries. Cher reportedly requested a separate room for her various hairpieces and wigs, which she wore during her concerts in 2000. Her appearance is her investment, so she has every right to make demands.

Christina Aguilera’s Vitamin C

What is the secret to Christina Aguilera’s flawless skin? We can probably attribute her credit to the extra Vitamin C she took as part of her contract with The Voice in 2000. Yes, she requested more Flintstone vitamins at the time, and we can assume she had been taking them ever since.

Michael Bublé

As a great singer, you’d think Michael Bublé would demand something ridiculous or extravagant, but his contracts only include one small addition. His request is to be given a puck by the local hockey team in the cities he plans to visit.

The Rolling Stone and their Snooker Tables

The rockers are getting older, and it shows in the specific requests they’ve made to be included. Every concert they attend must have a room with a full-size snooker table where they can enjoy and play at the end of the day. After a long day, it’s important to blow off some gas, and these old-school favorites certainly deserve it.


Beyoncé’s 2004 request that the baking chicken she snacked on be “HEAVILY SEASONED” with cayenne pepper, salt, fresh garlic, and black pepper was perhaps the most specific and practical of all the requests on the list. That phrase was capitalized. Furthermore, the meal should include legs, breasts, and wings. She certainly understands how her food should be prepared.

David Hasselhoff

To some degree, people remember David Hasselhoff solely for his role in Baywatch. A strange request from him is for a life-size cutout of himself to be present whenever he has an engagement in a specific location. He probably enjoys looking in the mirror as well.