10 of the Hottest Celebrity Couples that Will Make Us Believe in True Love

Their lavish weddings and stunning red carpet appearances make headlines, as do their epic love stories and occasional break-ups. Most celebrity couples inspire us in some degree, and we can’t get enough of their love stories.

While it’s rare to find a Hollywood couple who stays together until death do them part, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds remain ultimate couple aspirations. So, which celebrity couples have wowed the world? Take a cue from some of Hollywood’s hottest romances.

1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Let’s begin with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who make a stunning couple. Hanks married Samantha Lewes for the first time, but the marriage was already doomed. During this time, Hanks and Wilson met on the 1980s sitcom Bosom Buddies. They both thought it was a good idea, and they’ve been married since 1988.

2. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Whether you know Sophie Turner from the hit show Game of Thrones or you’ve been a fan of the Jonas Brothers since you were a kid, Turner and Joe Jonas are unquestionably one of your favorite Hollywood couples. Their love story began in 2016, and they have been inseparable since then. Now, Jonas and Turner are married, have a one-year-old daughter named Willa, and are still madly in love.

3. Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have been a popular couple since they first wowed fans as Game of Thrones stars. Outside of the fantasy drama, the couple made a number of wise investments. Kit and Rose, like Jon Snow and Ygritte, fell in love in Season 2 of the show! After Jon saves Ygritte, the two characters develop feelings for one another, and their on-screen chemistry spills over into real life.

4. Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

During the filming of A Beautiful Mind, Paul Bettany met Jennifer Connelly. They didn’t click right away because they had indifferent relationships. The 9/11 attacks, however, changed Paul’s mind, and he married Connelly in 2003. They are still married and the proud parents of two children.

5. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Another stunning Hollywood couple is Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They met on the set of That ’70s Show in 1998, and while there was chemistry, it didn’t work out because Kunis was only 14 years old at the time. Kutcher rediscovered his love for Mila in 2012, after splitting up with Demi Moore. They took their love to new heights and are now the proud parents of two children.

6. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s romance has a compelling backstory. They first met on the set of Green Lantern in 2010. They remained friends and only reconnected after a few years, but this time it was all about romance. Reynolds and Lively married in 2012 and have been together ever since.

7. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

This lovely couple met on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been dating since then, stringing their investments and keeping their personal lives hidden from the public eye.

8. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson found love for the third time when she met Colin Jost. They first met on the set of Saturday Night Live in 2006 and have remained friends ever since. They reconnected in 2017 and hit it off right away. Scarlett gave birth to Cosmo Jost, their first child, just three months after they married in 2021.

9. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are two of the few Hollywood credits whose careers have lasted as long as they have. They first met on the set of the film Gigli in 2001 and became friends. When the two reunited in 2021, their on-again, off-again relationship continued.

10. Zendaya and Tom Holland

One of Hollywood’s newest couples, Zendaya and Tom Holland, have a long way to go. They met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming and decided to stay friends. They began dating in 2021 and reappeared as on screen love interests in Spider-Man: No Way Home.